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Repairing and Upgrading Stereos and Other Car Accessories

Dick's Autocoustics specializes in stereo repair and replacement for residents of Cincinnati, Ohio. From younger clientele who want more sound to commuters who just want their audio system to work again, we serve everyone. We also sell and replace a range of other car accessories, including modern navigation systems and convenient backup cameras to optimize your driving experience. Our mission is to please you, which is why every single installation and sale we perform is backed up by a warranty.

Car Audio Repairs

You can have us perform repairs or replace your radio (OEM) from the original equipment manufacturer. Have your speakers malfunctioned? Our devoted repair team will get them back in working condition in no time at all. For a better sound experience, you can also have us switch out your current model and upgrade it with a name brand radio.

Car Head Rests, Motherboard Component, and First Dick's Shop

Dealer Recommended

We have everything needed to take care of the audio in your car. Dealers recommend us because we specialize in name brands such as:

• GM™ • Ford™ • Chrysler™ • Honda™ • Toyota™
• Nissan™ • Lexus™ • Infiniti™ • Audi™ • Mercedes™

 We also specialize in the repair of factory navigation systems, DVD units, amplifiers & CD changers

Car Accessories

We sell and install many different car accessories to ensure that you're always content when you're on the road. Along with repairing car stereos we:

• Replace Navigation Systems • Upgrade Amplifiers If Worn Out To Make the Sound Louder

• Install Speakers • Sell Car Alarms
• Integrate Your iPhone and iPod To Play Your Music Through Your Radio • Add Backup Cameras To Your Car •Fix and Upgrade Video Systems • Add and Fix Satellite Radios